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Jan 23' AI Making Construction Headaches Go Away!


The next generation of construction management software (EaaS)

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Decreasing landfill waste, putting money back into the consumers, tax payers and business owners pockets, all while improving communication and the overall experience for both the construction industry's customers and employees. 

GMS 1st Official Update

We’ve grown so much over the last year, but to keep this brief we’ll spread everything that’s happened over the next several updates.  This month we’ll just cover the basics, just 2 points. 

1) What is Graceful Management Systems 

2) Why are we sending this, and why are you getting a copy? 

What is Graceful Management Systems (GMS)?

The Construction industry has the 2nd most consumer complaints for years running.  Most are familiar with the industry's: 1) surprise costs, 2) scheduling delays, and 3) poor communication.  While that may seem like the problem, it’s actually the symptom.  The problem is more complicated, stemming from the overwhelming constantly changing data points which are causing avoidable and unnecessary labor costs and material mismanagement, resulting in $570 billion dollars of preventable loss every year, at everyone's expense, the consumer’s, the contractor’s, and every taxpayer too.

As an executive from the industry who has participated in many co-op groups, coaching and tradeshows, accurate estimating and scheduling is always a moving target and an echoing problem for contractors. The current software solutions available create duplicatable systems and processes, but consumer complaints are proof they don’t fix the problems we're all experiencing time and time again.

The Graceful Management System (GMS) does, decreasing landfill waste, putting money back into the consumers, business owners, and our governments pocket, all while improving communication and the overall experience for both the construction industry's customers and employees. 

The GMS is a cloud-based Enterprise as a Service (EaaS) software that creates a GPS like experience using Artificial Intelligence (AI), coupled with Machine Learning (ML), capitalizing on the contractor’s completed and real-time project and operations data, company financials, and live market feeds, evaluating all inputs and outcomes to learn and calculate the NOW-most efficient and cost effective approach. Just like a GPS, the GMS “recalculates route,” making real-time adjustments to ALL project(s) schedules and estimates increasing efficiencies, decreasing losses, and keeping all parties apprised instantly through a real-time dashboard.

“Turn Right,” from construction chaos, to a graceful experience. 
Welcome, to the next generation of construction management software. 

What's the purpose?

Graceful Management Systems has been selected by multiple start-up incubators that invest their resources and money to help turn ideas into fortune 500 companies. Monthly updates are recommended and have been already requested by a handful of you. You can expect it to come in a consistent format providing an overview of:

  • Product updates
  • Business development 
  • KPIs & Core Metrics
  • Finances
  • Highlights
  • Lowlights
  • Press
  • Help Wanted
  • And Thank You's

Why you?

You may have known me even prior to the inception of this concept, or maybe we’ve just recently met at a tradeshow or networking event.  You may be family, a friend, a mentor or investor.  Regardless, I thank you for however long, and in whatever capacity you’ve been alongside me in our journey, and I’m looking forward to the coming years especially for every time our paths get to cross.  

Please keep checking out our monthly updates, you may, or someone you know may be able to help us, or maybe you would like to learn more about how the GMS can help you, your family, friends, or contractors you know.

Stay tuned!

Next update you’ll learn more about the status of the product and get to meet our development team.
You are awesome and appreciated!
Keep making life wonderful