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July 23' 2nd Place in WI Gov Biz Plan Competition



Thank you for checking out our quarterly update 👍
The GMS is a GPS specifically for construction contractors. They put in what they want to do, and the GMS uses artificial intelligence to mine, analyze, and leverage, their historical and real time data to autonomously optimize their estimates and schedules...eliminating up to 20% on labor costs!

The GMS team is moving faster than my legs can keep up with!

💻Product Updates: 
We are 2.5 years into the development of the GMS’s artificial intelligent engine, and are on the verge of being able to test its intelligent estimating and autonomous scheduling functions.

💼Business Development:
Our blog, and automated updates workflow has been completed and activated in Hubspot. This saves us time by automating the building of our database and the sending of updates triggered by any blog post.
You can check out our blog and history of updates by clicking here.
GMS Team India
KPIs & Core Metrics:
Our team keeps growing, as we’ve added 3 more programmers. 
There are 13 of us, including 10 full time coding engineers and data scientists committed to fixing problems this 1.8 trillion dollar industry hasn’t been able to demolish... yet! 

We’ve raised another $100K towards our friends and family/angel round.  In total, we’ve raised $150,000 in dilutive funds. Giving us a total of over $160K including non-dilutive grants and awards.
spark starting block

We were accepted into MadWorks spring cohort, which includes a $6,500 grant from WEDC and 12 months of office space from Starting block in the beautiful new American Family/Spark building 8 blocks away from the Capital.

Lack of time, or my inability to prioritize time to talk with contractors to secure more LOIs. 

GMS took 2nd place in the WI Governor's business plan competition, ranking our business plan to be in the top 2% of the WI companies completed.  We were awarded $3,500, and 1on1 coaching from the Wisconsin Tech council. 
Click here to see our 7 minute Gov Biz plan pitch.

🆘Help Wanted:
We are looking for someone with the desire and the skills to oversee and optimize our branding, marketing, and sales strategies to drive our business growth and achieve fundraising and revenue targets.

🙏Thank You!
We wouldn’t have made it this far without the support and sacrifices of these individuals and organizations:  

  • Dennis Barnum
  • Susie Younkle (again!)
  • Gregg Johnson
  • Starting Block
  • Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC)
  • Wisconsin Tech Council

So many more people have helped us and deserve recognition too.  You know who you are! 
We thank you for however long, and in whatever capacity you’ve been alongside us in our journey, and we’re looking forward to the coming years, especially for every time our paths get to cross. 

Please keep checking out our quarterly updates, you may, or someone you know may be able to help us, or maybe you would like to learn more about how the GMS can help you, your family, friends, or contractors you know.

You are awesome and appreciated!
Keep making life wonderful 🙂

-Tommy & the GMS team



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