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April 23' Chat GPT For The Construction Industry


The next generation of construction management software (EaaS)

What is Graceful Management Systems (GMS)?

The GMS is an enterprise resource planning system that efficiently organizes dynamic information to provide intelligent direction, precise instruction, and accurate expectations. Its advanced capabilities enhance the quality of work-life for construction industry professionals, and it’s poised to rebuild customer and community trust and elevate their overall experience.

Coming to the market soon!
Last year our developers got the application to a point where you could login and navigate around some of the functionality, but the MVP, the artificial intelligent engine was still missing.  With the framework in place coupled with our business plan we sought out investors to fund the next stage of our development.  We have raised a couple of smaller investments, won a grant, and have VCs interested in future rounds.  Most exciting has been our continued meetings with Gray Collar Ventures, founded by Diane Hendricks, the owner of ABC Supply, this nation's largest construction material distributor.

Our lead developers flew from India to meet with Erin and Dave representing Gray Collar Ventures and Hendricks Commercial Properties, where we heard the GMS called the “Tesla” for construction.  

Of course that excited us, and yes it will be a self-driving application, but it operates more like a GPS. Tell it where you need to go, and it will tell you the quickest way to get there with simple turn by turn instructions, and, “recalculating route,” when unforeseen changes are required, keeping contractors on the most efficient path to their customer’s desired destination. 

We have 6 full time coding engineers working exclusively on the GMS. 
They are working diligently on our goal to begin incremental features implementation over several sprints in October. Testing at this time will position us to start piloting the GMS late Q4 or early Q1. 

GMS dev team bannerFrom left to right: Ananth-Kumar, Raja, Kumar, Karthikeyan, Srinivasan, Abi 

Business Development
We’d also like to introduce the newest member and part owner of the GMS!

Tami Adams white back Tami Adams. She brings 20 years of corporate accounting , financial  leadership and strategic planning  to  our team. Specializing in construction accounting systems development, management, and reporting. Tami is leading the development of the GMS’s financial platform including, job costing, financial reporting, inventory management, cash flow models,  billing, payables,, and KPI dashboards as well as  the integrations of the GMS with QuickBooks, sage, and other major construction accounting platforms.  

KPIs & Core Metrics
Already 38 Contractors have completed applications to be BETA testers, and we have 367 GMS followers on LinkedIn.  

We’ve made it into the 3rd and phase of the 20th annual Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Competition. We’ve been told that of all the applicants from throughout the state of Wisconsin, our business plans are considered the top 10%. 

This pre-seed round requires $530K to get the GMS into BETA testing.  We’ve already raised $30K, and are still seeking $500K.

Thank You's
We need to send a few shout outs. We wouldn’t have made it this far without the support and sacrifices of these individuals and businesses.  

Thank you to Joseph Dahairi founder of 100State, successful serial entrepreneur, encourager, and coach for the start-up industry.  

Thank you to Suzie Younkle, and all the MERLIN Mentors, John, Mike, Sheldon & Eric, that have teamed up with the GMS to identify shortfalls and hurdles, to fill in those gaps so we are prepared and are able to navigate forward successfully.  

Thank you to Anthony, Kari & Erin, with gener8tor, Irontek, and Gray Collar Ventures, for investing in us, and for all the amazing work they’ve done in the city of Beloit, and for the start-up ecosystem there.

So many more people have helped us and deserve recognition too.  You know who you are! I thank you for however long, and in whatever capacity you’ve been alongside us in our journey, and we’re looking forward to the coming years, especially for every time our paths get to cross.  Please keep checking out our monthly updates, you may, or someone you know may be able to help us, or maybe you would like to learn more about how the GMS can help you, your family, friends, or contractors you know.

You are awesome and appreciated!
Keep making life wonderful 🙂

-Tommy & the GMS team


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