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April 24' We've Raised 1/2 Million Dollars!

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"World's First 'Trillionaire' Won't Be Musk or Bezos - It'll be Someone Who 'Masters AI' And Applies It In Brand New Ways" -Mark Cuban

Thank you for checking out our quarterly update 👍
The GMS is a GPS specifically for construction contractors. They put in what they want to do, and the GMS uses artificial intelligence to mine, analyze, and leverage, their historical and real-time data to autonomously optimize their estimates and schedules...saving them up to 30% on their labor costs!

💻Product Updates: GMS in google play store
We’re completing the SaaS development, allowing for multiple subscribing companies to set up their employees, their roles, user permissions, and resources like subcontractors and material distributors. We’re in the google app store now, and will be in the Apple app store next week.

💼Business Development:
We’ve hired a company that has expertise with navigating BETA testing. They’re helping us vet the best BETA testing applicants, and are working with our team to streamline onboarding and customer support. BETA testing is scheduled to start in the next month!

 📊KPIs & Core Metrics:
As we get into BETA testing, KPIs and core metrics will be more defined and trackable, but to date, we’re pretty in line with our timelines and budgets. Not perfect as to be expected, but our existing investors are pleased and have even commented that we’re farther along than expected.

We’ve raised another $112K this quarter. With non-dilutive funding we’ve raised a total of $500K. The MVP is fully funded, but we’re still raising $250K to pay for and complete BETA testing so we can do our official market launch Q4 this year!

It’s funny to say that I’m disappointed with what MVP stands for. Minimum! It’s not in my blood to do the minimum, but I understand launching the MVP will help us with our product market fit. That being said, some of the functionality still in the works isn’t included in the BETA launch, but we’re ready to make up for that with the support we’ll be providing to our BETA testers.   

In the last 18 months,
  • We’ve raised ½ Million dollars!
  • Have 14 fulltime developers!
  • Have 50+ contractors who’ve applied to use our BETA release
  • Have 890+ LinkedIn GMS Followers
  • Won prizes in 2 prestigious contests
  • Were selected by and participated in 2 top-tier incubator programs
  • 5 articles have been published about our trailblazing
  • AND We’re on the verge of hitting our first major milestone, having users on the GMS!

Inbusiness Magazine wrote an article about our development which was published in January, and we are continuing to garner national attention and were featured on Both publications address the complexities within the construction industry and showcase our ability to save the industry billions in preventable losses.

🆘Help Wanted:
Introductions to:

  • Construction Contractors
  • Construction Material Manufacturers
  • Potential Investors 

🙏Thank You!
We need to send a few shout outs. We wouldn’t have made it this far without the support and sacrifices of:

  • Sean Blum with Fiserv, helping get our payment gateway functioning
  • Jim Rivest with Excel Electric, for providing documents to help train our AI in reading the variety of purchase orders
  • Matthew Ziemke with SX Wisconsin, for combining forces to help the construction industry overcome challenges better than ever before.
  • Anthony Swindell & gener8tor, for the above and beyond effort to train, help, and make introductions vital to our growth and success
  • Keith Mandley & John Rivest with Kraemer Brothers, for the opportunity to discuss synergies between the GMS and Kraemer Brothers BIG vision. 
  • Clare Price & Aric Descamps with Octain, for helping structure our BETA testing, vetting, onboarding, training, and processes to help both us and our testers have a successful experience.

I also wanted to thank you, our encouragers and supporters!
Thank you for however long, and in whatever capacity you’ve been alongside us in our journey, and we’re looking forward to the coming years, especially for every time our paths get to cross. 

Please keep checking out our quarterly updates, you may, or someone you know may be able to help us, or maybe you would like to learn more about how the GMS can help you, your family, friends, or contractors you know.

Welcome, to the new world of AI B2B SaaS, that will revolutionize the construction industry.  

You are awesome and appreciated!
Keep making life wonderful 🙂

-Tommy & the GMS team



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