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Oct 23' Contractor Specific AI Engine Running!



Thank you for checking out our quarterly update 👍
The GMS is a GPS specifically for construction contractors. They put in what they want to do, and the GMS uses artificial intelligence to mine, analyze, and leverage, their historical and real time data to autonomously optimize their estimates and schedules...eliminating up to 20% on labor costs!

The GMS Artificial Intelligent Engine is Alive!

💻Product Updates (click on the video above to see the GMS in action): 
In just 6mths our developers got the real time estimate functionality and the dynamic scheduling functioning.
We flewMVP Price Change to India to test these engines! 
It was amazing to see schedules and estimates self update themselves based on inputs on unrelated projects! 
Now that the engine is functioning, we now need to build the transmission, this allows the GMS to go back and forward in time to use our subscriber’s history to both forecast and optimize their future more accurately.  This is targeted to be completed Q1 2024.  

💼Business Development (click on the video above to see the GMS in action):
good better bestWe’re starting to work with construction material manufacturers to build a “Data-Mart,” which will effectively have listings of all products available on the market, and how those products should be grouped to provide “Good, Better, and Best” estimate options. 
There are marketing opportunities built into the GMS for these manufacturers, so this will open a dialog to get feedback and possibly our first marketing contracts signed. 

KPIs & Core Metrics:
KPIs & metrics are harder to measure being pre-revenue, but we’re hitting our development milestones which is our most important performance indicator considering without the product, we can’t get users which is foundational to any start up concept.  

We’ve raised another $150K, in total $300K, not including the $12K in non-dilutive funds collected. We are about halfway to family/angel pre-seed goal.  While in New York we started tilling the soil for our 1.6 Million dollar Seed round opening next year.
GMS India better

Our development team continues to grow, 16 in total, including 13 full time coding engineers and data scientists, and we’re still hiring more data scientists and UI experts! 

It was a little overwhelming to learn of the magnitude of our phase III development.  I thought we just had to program the multi-tenant functionality, and didn’t realize we pretty much have to build an accounting software simultaneously.  But it has to be done, because without the internal accounting functionality, the GMS can’t provide real-time forecasting.

The GMS was selected and invited to pitch at New York’s venture Summit, allowing us to expand our network, creating new relationships and opportunities to help improve the functionality of the GMS as well as expedite our time to market. 

🆘Help Wanted:
We’re working with the University of Wisconsin to secure interns to help with Sales/appointment setting, Branding, Video making, Website development/improvement, and a UIX engineer.

🙏Thank You!
We need to send a few shout outs.

We wouldn’t have made it this far without the support and sacrifices of Madeline and Jeff with The university’s Law and entrepreneur clinic.

Also, I haven’t taken the time to publicly thank and appreciate our own team.
* My Partners, Victor and Tami
* Our investors, the Rankins, Guninks, and Shawn. 
* Our developers, Selva, Kumar, Abi, Raja, Ananth, Prianka, Sham, Ashish, Pavitra, VJ, Ashish, and Mala. 

When I reflect on the size of the obstacles ahead, which brought grave pessimism, this is the team that didn't waiver at the daunting tasks, and instead suited up and just pressed into the impossible.  

I also wanted to thank you, our encouragers and supporters!
Thank you for however long, and in whatever capacity you’ve been alongside us in our journey, and we’re looking forward to the coming years, especially for everytime our paths get to cross. 

Please keep checking out our quarterly updates, you may, or someone you know may be able to help us, or maybe you would like to learn more about how the GMS can help you, your family, friends, or contractors you know.

Welcome, to the new world of AI B2B SaaS, that will revolutionize the construction industry.  

You are awesome and appreciated!
Keep making life wonderful 🙂

-Tommy & the GMS team



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